Latest Graduate News

  • Congratulations to Ahmad W. bartending at Pat and Bill’s!

  • Congratulations to Ruth M. bartending at Holiday Inn!

  • Congratulations to Josh A. bartending at Deko/Ikon Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Sebastian G. bartending at Newark Airport!

  • Mariangelis employed by Hilton Hotels!

  • Aibeth bartending at Holiday Inn in Carteret and Signature Creations Caterers in Linden!

  • Congratulations to Gene K. at Bar on the Go!

  • Vincent F. bartending at Westwood Manor and Bridgewood Manor!

  • Congratulations to Stephanie H. bartending at The Melting Pot!

  • Congratulations to Leslie T. bartending at the Velvet Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Coral H. working at the Sho Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Latoya J. bartending at Comfort Suites!

  • Visit NBS grad, Dhiraj V. and have him mix you up a special cocktail at his new bartending gig at 3 Olives Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant in Raritan! Way to go!!!

  • Congratulations to Johnny R. bartending at the Sangria Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Brian G. bartending at The River Grill!

  • Milan C. "workin' it" at Duval Bar & Lounge in Linden!

  • Way to go James E. now bartending at the Courthouse Inn!

  • Congratulations to Tony D. bartending at Deko/Ikon Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Evelyn G. working at Rio 22!

  • Congratulations to Malena O. at Courtside Inn!

  • Congratulations to Kunwar A. bartending at the Urban Spice Restaurant!

  • Congratulations to Tara P. bartending at The Paradise Lounge!

  • Congratulations to George G. bartending at ZPA Crystal Ballroom & Silver Ballroom!

  • Congratulations to Brian D. bartending at L'Affaire Fine Catering!

  • Congratulations to Jewel P. bartending at the Paradise Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Gary G. working at Island Wing Restaurant!

  • Congratulations to Nefertiti D. working at the MAKEDA Restaurant!

  • Congratulations to Joseph G. at Monmouth Park Racetrack!

  • Congratulations to Jackie F. bartending at 33's Tavern!

  • Congratulations to Priscilla W. bartending at the Sangria Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Ralph R. bartending at the Blue Moon Restaurant!

  • Jen F. shakin' things up at Pat's Pub in Sayerville!

  • Maribel M. bartending at El Imperial Restaurant in Bound Brook!

  • Congratulations to Rushi P. bartending at The Americana Hotel!

  • Congratulations to Lucia M. at Big Shots!

  • Congratulations to David Q.. bartending at the Greenrock Tap and Grill!

  • Congratulations to Babee M. bartending at Cianfano's Restaurant!

  • Congratulations to Camille C. bartending at Spirit Cruises!

  • Cathy R. "sporting" drinks at Red Zone in Sayerville!

  • Congratulations to Lauren W. bartending at  K.C.'s Corner!

  • Congratulations to McKenzi C. bartending at Just Rest & Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Jahaira M. bartending at La Marina!

  • Congratulations to Tony D. at Central Blue Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Dottie M. bartending at Joey G's!

  • Congratulations to Suzy G. at Red Lobster!

  • Congratulations to Ramon J. bartending at Turtle Bay, Manhattan!

  • Congratulations to Shelley L. hired at Big Shots Sports Bar!

  • Congratulations to Ashley S. now working at Bon Appetite!

  • Congratulations to Yana B. working at The Pine Tavern!

  • Congratulations to Crystal O. at Heartbreakers!

  • Congratulations to Fran L. bartending at Il Palazzo!

  • Theresa C. "makin' the rounds" at Danny Boy's in Staten Island!

  • Congratulations to Rachel M. bartending at The Station!

  • Congratulations Adma O. bartending at Fire & Ice!

  • Congratulations to Paul R. bartending at Met Life Stadium!

  • Congratulations to Lizette V. at Lookers Go Go!

  • Congratulations to Renee bartending at Kilmeyer’s Restaurant!

  • Congrats to Dottie M. bartending at AMC Dine-In Theaters!

  • Congratulations to Robert M. bartending at  J. O’Neill’s Place!

  • Congratulations to Laura F. now at Mike's Courtside!

  • Congratulations to Darlene P. bartending at the Copa Cabana NYC!

  • Congratulations to Ashley F. bartending at The Hoboken Bar & Grill!

  • Congratulations to Jenn B. at Serata Restaurant!

  • Congratulations to Erin W. bartending at  John's Place!

  • Congratulations to Susan D. bartending at Publick House!

  • Lee-Anna C. bartending at Las Palmas in Elizabeth!

  • Carl J. shakin' things up at Riverbank State Park Lounge, NYC

  • Congratulations to Svetlana B. bartending at Taboo’s Lounge!

  • Congratulations to Ruchi P. at Mike's Courtside!

  • Steve J. bartending at 3 Olives Restaurant in Raritan

  • Congratulations to Bianca D. bartending at Rumor 35!

  • Adam K. mixing drinks at State Theater in New Brunswick!

  • Marcin mixing drinks at Rosewood Banquet Hall in Edison

  • Congratulations to Gary G. working at Island Wing Restaurant!

  • Theresa serving drinks up at Club 466 in West Orange!

  • Congratulations to Isabel S. at Holiday Inn!

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth V. bartending at Mi Tiera & Passion Sports Bar!

  • Congratulations to Linda D. at Island Chateau!

  • Congratulations to Mark D. at Pantagis!

  • Congratulations to Krystal W. bartending at Wicked Willy’s!

  • Janelle P. mixin' your favorites at Key Club in Newark!

  • Congratulations to Erika S. bartending at  Olive Garden!

  • Congratulations to Mackenzie C. at Big Shots Sports Bar!

  • Congratulations to Cara J. working at T.G.I. Friday’s!

  • Congratulations to NBS grad, Anthony D., for landing a great bartending gig at Island Chateau! CHEERS!!!

  • Congratulations to Robert C. working at Bungalo 18!

  • Victor C. is now working at The Pub at Rider U!

  • Congratulations to Kesha F. tending bar at Cornocopia Princess!

  • Congratulations to Nick D. working at Luciano's Restaurant!


Add A Testimonial
Trish Kerwin
2017-04-03, 22:45
What a great school and awesome experience!!!!
Lambert E.
2017-03-24, 19:08
Dear candidates for bartending school, due to circumstances beyond our control, a recent upgrade to our website resulted in the loss of all 2016 testimonials and unfortunately they could not be retrieved. We apologize for this unforeseen problem. Thank you.
Bill Kelly
2017-01-28, 22:10
I just graduated from NBC this Friday and I say it was a great experience. Lambert, John and Andrew were great instructors and Lambert kept us laughing the whole time. Learned a lot in a short period of time. Would not hesitate to sign up again.
Daniel L.
2015-09-28, 19:05
This program not only provides knowledge for mixing drinks, but also things you need to know to be a responsible bartender. The tests are not easy but doable if you study and practice. Totally fun and more than expected experiences.
Brianna Gunther
2015-09-28, 09:04
Sep 15th, 12:38am
Hi! You probably don't remember me, but I attended National Bartenders School back in May 2010. I tended bar that summer at a country club in Monmouth County, but after that I didn't do much with it. However, I am contacting you today to say a big, fat THANK YOU! You see, after finding myself almost broke early last year I wound up getting a job bartending at a world class resort in the Rocky Mountains (Devil's Thumb Ranch, and btw they are currently looking for more bartenders if you would like to pass the info on). When I first started I was nervous because I was among the least experienced on the bar staff and after all, it had been a few years since my country club gig. However, it quickly became apparent that I was also among the most knowledgeable, thanks to my intensive training at National Bartenders School! (Seriously, when the other bartenders and I shared stories about our training and respective bartending schools even they said that it was obvious I had been held to higher standards during my classes). Everything came right back to me, and today I am the head bartender at the resort and am worlds away from being broke. So, it's about five years late, but I would like to thank Lambert and the entire staff at National Bartenders School for all of the in-depth classes and the intensive mixology practice, as well as always holding its students to high standards. Keep up the good work!
James U.
2015-07-27, 12:03
I am very happy with what I learned at this school, and even happier I am in the 4:30 club. Lambert and his staff really know their stuff and definitely make sure that you get to know it too. It was very professional, yet also very friendly. I definitely enjoyed my experience and if I could pass along one word of advice, go for the 2 week program, it may take longer, but it makes learning everything so much easier.
Andria L.
2015-06-27, 12:50
I just graduated from NBS yesterday. I had a great time there. They make you feel at home while still teaching more than you think you can learn in 2 weeks. I really got to knkw ny instructors and it was more than just a job to them. They really care about you and care that you're learning and improving. I went in there knowing basically nothing about bartending and I graduated knowing so much more than I thought I would. I'm very happy that I chose this bartending school. I highly recommend NBS to anyone considering taking bartending classes! Definitely worth it!
Steve Memolo
2015-06-12, 13:50
Amazing Experience here at the school .Instructors are very very nice and understanding people and will guide you all the way through. One note this is not a place to come if your expecting a handout just cause you payed for the program you need to know quite a few drinks and pass to earn the certificate ,basically like a college course . Also one more word of advice like Lambert stresses in order to excel is "Just keep mixing" Thanks so much guys.
Kedssy C.
2015-06-05, 23:49
I absolutely loved NBS!! Special thanks to Dina, she is an amazing instructor. She believed in me, when I thought I wouldn't be able to do this. Also thanks to Andrew for last minute tips. Lambert and Lara are awesome too. Coming to National Bartenders School was one of the best decisions in my life and it was a fun experience. Thank you!! I highly recommend this school.
Victoria Tkacikova
2015-05-31, 18:48
Great school, learned a lot in such a short amount of time. I recommend this school to anyone looking for a helpful, hands-on environment. Shout-out to Lambert and Andrew!
LaToya Jefferson
2015-05-21, 14:47
Thank you guys for such an incredible class, I truly enjoyed myself and I feel better prepared than ever to get in the field of bartending.
Karen Riggs
2015-05-11, 11:46
I just graduated from the National Bartender's School, and I must say it was professional all the way. Great staff, wonderful guidance and the best information available. I would highly recomment NBS to anyone looking to learn top notch bartending skills.
Erik Dige
2015-04-25, 12:46
Great staff, great course, tons of information and guidance. Highly recommended if I never physically work as a bartender I'm a better liquor enthusiast for having taken this course!
Andrew Allen
2015-04-07, 00:45
This school was awesome. I went into the course not knowing much about drinks other than beer, and after the 2 week course I knew how to make 72 drinks and feel very confident to work in a real bar. I would recommend to anyone, the staff takes their time to work with you until you fully understand what you're doing.
Bruce Karabinos
2015-04-05, 13:44
Amazing School! it was a really fun yet informative experience and I am so happy I am finally certified!
Bleriot Thompson
2015-03-24, 18:43
Really amazing school! Everyone gets one on one time to better there skills. Really fun experience and very informational whether your taking a course or going for a certification. Deanna is an amazing instructor and really whipped me into shape. I would gladly recommend this school to anyone interested in bartending!!! thank you Laura and Lambert!
Giselle Oquendo
2015-03-16, 11:42
I am proud to say I am a licensed Mixologist Thanks to Natinal Bartender School. Lambert,Laura and Deanna are amazing instructors. They are such a big help made me feel very comfortable. Any questions or concerns you have its never a bother to ask they make sure you know what you need to no to succeed in this field of work .Also very happy enviorment every one is so humble and I met great ppl in the process . Such a phenomenal experience for me no regrets!!! I highly recommend if you are interested in becoming a Mixologist this is the school for you . Very professional
Karolina Polak
2015-03-04, 10:31
Awesome program, learn so much and learned it well, Dina is the greatest! Lambert and Laura really help and get to know you in such a short time and help you reach your goals. I'll recommend everyone who wants to be a Mixologist to come here. One of the best experiences I had while learning and taking a course!
Greg H.
2015-02-09, 22:58
I just completed my training three days ago and I will say to anyone interested in becoming a "Mixologist", that THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for The Nat'l Bartenders School of Woodbridge. Laura and Lambert, along with their staff give you everything necessary to become a success! I left with the confidence that I could work ANYWHERE. An Extremely Professionally run school! Thank You, Guys
Stephanie Leo
2015-01-25, 10:51
Amazing program. They are to help you succeed and flourish in your bartending career! Everyone there is knowledgeable and willing to work with you on your weaknesses.
2015-01-17, 16:09
I can say that these classes were beneficial. It was extremely informative--Lambert is very knowedgeable and professional when teaching his lessons. Laura and Lambert were also willing to work with me, I had medical issues that hindered me from completing the program within the two week period. They were very understanding, and I can say that I am confident with my skills as a bartender. I highly recommend.
2015-01-16, 16:06
Phenomenal!! I did the one week and it was the most educational and fun course I've ever had the pleasure of taking. The key words truly stick in your head!
Victoria Melillo
2014-12-20, 03:01
Had a great time learning! All of the instructors are very helpful and super nice!
2014-12-16, 21:03
Really enjoyed my 2 weeks at NBS. Everyone is very helpful and professional from Lambert and Laura, down to the instructors Deanna and Andrew. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn drink recipes, as well as proper customer service.
Paul Cassidy
2014-12-16, 17:05
I loved all the hands on of making drinks, and learning. Not just trying to memorize recipes. Making the drinks was the best way to learn and learn to do with speed and accuracy
Alex Mazepa
2014-11-26, 01:01
Amazing experience! This training program makes sure you know the ins and outs of bartending. You will know how to bartend after this course!
ntozake escourse
2014-11-17, 16:52
This course was a very educational course. It was a terrific course with the instructor Deanna, this is a wonderful school. Highly recommend people that are interested in bar-tending to visit NBS. You would definitely get your money worth.
2014-11-14, 18:35
I really enjoyed myself, very educational. The instructor Deanna should be teacher of the YEAR, she has the knowledge and patience, that makes qyou want to learn. Thumbs up to Lambert and staff, I will recommend your school to all
Matt Fasano
2014-10-24, 17:43
Awesome time here at NBS! Worth every penny to learn a great lifelong skill and very fun while doing so
Matt U.
2014-10-17, 20:15
Just graduated in the 4:30 club! Loved my experience at National Bartenders School in Woodbridge. Having worked in the service industry for several years, I always felt less than confident behind the bar. In 2 weeks at the NBS I feel absolutely prepared to deliver excellent service behind any bar ! Thank you!
Scott E
2014-10-11, 21:35
An absolute fantastic 2 week instructional course in how to mix & pour cocktails. A huge thank you to the instructors and to Lambert & Laura. I can't wait to get out there! Highly recommended!
Desiree E.
2014-10-09, 16:35
I had a great experience at NBS ! I highly recommend this school to anyone trying to become a bartender.
2014-10-04, 17:03
The Woodbridge National Bartenders School provides very thorough instruction. The staff are professional, extremely knowledgable, and resourceful. They were very helpful in the learning process. Awesome experience!
2014-09-27, 02:57
Great choice for my Bartending Training. Deana was amazing as a teacher. Lambert and Laura were always around and available to answer questions. I learned more than I thought I would. Thank you.
Amanda R
2014-09-15, 19:48
Very good school! I absolutely love Dina and Andrew the instructors! They are awesome and told me to have faith in myself through out the course and taught me a lot! I give this school an A+! You do get your moneys worth !
2014-09-06, 01:49
I graduated from NBS last week. I couldn't believe that i had learned so much throughout a 2 week course. I had so much fun everyone is really nice. i would recommend this school to everyone that wants to learn about bartending.
Robert L
2014-09-05, 18:54
Definitely a top-notch establishment. The staff was customer and Veteran friendly, and very knowledgable. A lot of hands-on, practical mixing. If you want to learn, forget the online programs and study intense courses. As Lambert would say, "Ride the horse".
2014-09-05, 15:08
I just graduated! I had an awesome experience and took so away so much from this class. All the instructors were helpful especially Dina who I had the pleasure of working with! If looking for a bartending school this is it!
2014-08-26, 02:05
I just graduated from NBS last friday and it was so much more than I expected. I am amazed at how much I learned in the two weeks I was here. The instructors were really helpful and friendly. I had a great eperience and it was so much fun! I would recommend this school to anyone interested in bartending, definitely one of the best choices I have made.
Jessica B
2014-08-18, 22:41
I just graduated from NBS on Friday and I truly had an amazing experience there. I'm very glad I chose this school because I learned so much and already found employment! Not only were the directors, Laura and Lamber, so friendly and extremely helpful but the instructors were also awesome. I would definitely recommend NBS to anyone who is interested in becoming a speedy bartender!
Brian Sterling
2014-08-14, 16:34
The course offered at The National Bartenders School is outstanding. Not only did the instructors teach the drinks and technique, they also provided invaluable information on the bartending profession from their own experience. They also made sure that everyone had the tools neccesary to find employment as quickly and painlessly. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for a job in bartending or anyone simply interested in bartending.
2014-08-14, 12:20
If you are looking for a Bartending School you have found it with the Woodbridge National School. Friendly Staff Great Instructors and you learn Alot! Great School
2014-08-12, 14:47
I'm so glad I decided to go with Woodbridge National Bartenders School.
The staff was very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this school!
2014-08-09, 00:26
Best experience I ever had! So much fun and met great people. When you finish there you will truly be a professional
2014-08-02, 16:49
This school was fantastic. I expected it to be enjoyable but this surpassed my expectations. On day 1 I was worried I was going to break every bottle, but by Friday I felt like I had been bartending for years. The staff was great and made sure to challenge you along the way. Overall I am very happy I chose this school.
2014-07-16, 16:50
The National Bartenders School is definitely the best choice in learning the skills you need to get a good job with little experience. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this school to many others! You learn mostly hands on and thats the most important part!
Kristian B
2014-07-11, 22:45
Just graduated today! Had a FANTASTIC experience at Woodbridge National Bartenders School! Really fun, hands-on learning- and trust me, you learn so much! So happy I picked this course! I went from knowing nothing about bartending/alcohols, to being able to pass their written exam and make 12 drinks in 3 minutes and 37 seconds! And got a shirt for making the 4:30 club! Loved this place and will definitely be back soon for the free practice!
2014-07-08, 17:39
I would have never imagined that a school could be more enjoyable! Lambert and Laura are fantastic owners and continuously encourage you and help you through school and on to a thriving career.
The instructors(Deanna and Gladys) are so helpful and will push you to the limit and beyond to prove just how great you can be.
The hands-on training and the constant practice and drills helped me, a person with absolutely zero knowledge of different alcohols, to become confident in the art of mixing drinks and professional bar-tending in only two weeks.
I would encourage anyone looking into bar tending to check out this school.
2014-07-06, 20:52
this school is the best choice!! I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else- I definitely feel like I know everything I need to and it's sucha fun environment!
2014-06-25, 23:11
Attending the National Bartenders School in Woodbridge is one of the best decisions I've ever made in furthering my education. Laura, Lambert, and the rest of the staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the dense one-week course. I came into class your average college chump, overestimating his mixing skills by a long shot. Within the first two days of class, I had already learned more than I knew from years of amateur mixing. The school's method is tried and true, and I am confident that I have what it takes to tend a bar. Thank you, NBS. I would recommend to anyone and everyone, whether you plan to tend bars for work or you are just interested in what it takes to make great, professional-grade drinks!
2014-06-18, 23:52
I had a great learning experience at National Bartenders School of Woodbridge. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Instructor Lambert's good humor made the program fun and easy to follow.I recommend NBS to everybody interested in learning bartending!
2014-06-17, 14:38
LOVED this school. The instructors were very helpful and made learning fun and easy. Everyone was really nice. I highly recomend this school!
Melissa C
2014-06-11, 19:02
I am so happy that I chose National Bartenders School of Woodbridge. It totally exceeded my expectations. The amount that we learned in 40hrs beats any other program out there in my opinion. I am excited and feel confident to add this service to my catering business. The owners Lambert and Laura gave each of us personal attention and the knowledge needed to pursue whatever outlet we were leaning towards. We learned about the history of various liquors, the flavors, proper pouring methods, and the crucial information needed to be a responsible and friendly bartender. Having former student/instructors there really helped, they were so encouraging and wanted us to succeed. If you want a course where you will feel confident, and knowledgeable ...this is the only place to go! I miss everyone already!
2014-06-09, 15:08
First off, the experience is unlike any other. The plethora of information learned from the knowledgeable instructors is sure to last a life time. The service that you can get from the business owners is unrivaled. I was fortunate enough to have met some very cool individuals in my class willing to put the effort and hard work to achieve our common goal. It was a pleasure meeting them and sharing such a rewarding experience with at this school. Thank you all and I look forward to returning after landing another job.
Nick Nikitopoulos
2014-06-06, 00:43
I commuted over 40 minutes to attend their program despite being closer to other bartending schools and programs. The detail, effort and knowledge that accompanies the National Bartender's School of Woodbridge is vast and resourceful. You will feel utterly confident and competent with completion of the course, you will be educated on the history of liquor, cordials and brews, but most importantly you will pushed to your limits as they bash practice and repetition in all your weak areas so that you may leave strong. I entered with little to no knowledge on mixology, but left speedy, educated, confident and competent. 1 week later, I became a bartender...
Joe B
2014-05-24, 00:56
NBS was an amazing experience! I took the two week class. In addition to learning over 100 drinks and how to properly pour, I developed close relationships with my fellow classmates.

Lambert and Laura offer a terrific service. If you want to learn how to be a bartender, this is the spot to learn.
Dana M.
2014-05-16, 17:09
NBS was an awesome and unforgettable experience. Not only did it really help with learning the drinks but being able to learn hands on, being behind a bar, and working with such encouraging people was amazing! I look forward to continuing this as a Job and returning back to say hello! Thanks you again NBS!
Ashley Lewis
2014-05-15, 20:12
Thanks to the great coaching and awesome staff, I learned a lot of skills and techniques for bartending. It was very FUN and had a great experience with the two-week course. I recommend NBS to all my friends that are interested in bartending!

Also, I just got a job as a cocktail server at the newly renovated hotel OCEAN PLACE RESORT & SPA in LONG BRANCH, NJ right next to Pier Village!

I hope you choose NBS!
kandace j
2014-05-09, 14:39
i am a recent graduate of the national bartenders school and it was great i learned so much and the staff is wonderful i would definitely recommend this school to anyone trying to get their bartender license.
Lianne O.
2014-04-22, 18:56
I recently graduated from NBS and it was such a memorable and enjoying experience. It was so much fun and everyone is welcoming and supportive. I would definitely recommend NBS to all of my friends!
2014-04-22, 03:09
This school is awesome! The material is prepared and fleshed out well, and is fun to learn! Staff is very friendly and supportive; upon graduation, you feel ready and confident to take on the real thing! Anybody who wants to become a bartender should pick NBS, hands down.
2014-04-18, 18:44
Duane P.
2014-04-15, 16:36
I recently graduated from NBS and I must say that it was very interesting and an enjoyable experience. The instructors thoroughly prepare you to be a great bartender! I recommend the course wholeheartedly and without reservation. Special thanks to Deanna, for being so supportive and encouraging! Cheers!
Janine L
2014-04-03, 16:21
NBS has greatly exceeded my expectations as to what I would be learning and how efficient the class was taught. The lectures were always informational and we got a lot of practice time. I feel fully prepared to go out and get that job I dream of. Thank you NBS!
Lauren C
2014-04-02, 01:35
NBS was a great learning experience and the teachers are the best!!
Kala M.
2014-03-25, 02:34
Obtaining my license to bartend with NBS was a great experience! It was very informational and helpful. I cannot wait to start working in the industry. I would recommend this school to anyone who is serious about the craft.
Arlenny Caba
2014-03-21, 18:50
NBS was affordable and a wonderful learning experience. I loved the night classes!
Michael McDermott
2014-03-17, 19:21
NBS is the BEST! Wonderful learning atmosphere. The staff at NBS are always willing help you learn. This school and their staff have exceeded my expectations as to what I would be learning. I absolutely recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to be the best bartender.
Adam McMullen
2014-03-17, 11:54
NBS was awesome! I learned a lot about liquors and how to serve in only two weeks. The teachers are amazing and very supportive; they want you to succeed and do everything they can to help achieve that. I recommend NBS to anyone looking to get into the industry.
Tiare Ossandon
2014-03-02, 09:48
NBS was an amazing experience! The instructors as well as classmates were very supportive and helpful. I had tons of fun mixing and learning anything there is about bar tending. I'm really glad that i chose this school. I wouldn't be where i am right now if it wasn't for them! Thank you so much!
Antonio Monarres
2014-02-07, 18:09
NBS was an amazing experience. Had such a great time with everyone as well as mixing all the drinks I possibly could. The staff their knows how to make a student have a good time but at the same time keeping professional which I very much appreciated all the help that I've received. It was a great start to my bartending career. the people their are nice and kind as always and the place has a terrific bartending learning environment that its good to practice in I would recommended to anyone who wants to learn to bartend or to become a better bartender. thanks to Lambert and the staff!!!
John Conway
2014-01-27, 09:16
I had a great learning experience here and can't wait to use what I know now. Everyone there was great and supportive. Thanks NBS!
2014-01-26, 16:50
This is a real, legitimate bartending school. When you graduate and get a job in the field you may be surprised to find you know more than some of your co-workers who have been bartending for awhile. Long after you leave, they will still welcome your call if you want advice or guidance and the door is always open should you need to come back and brush up on your skills. Lambert and Laura genuinely want to see all the NBS grads succeed. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in pursuing a career in bartending.You can call them long after graduating.
Jaclyn R.
2014-01-24, 17:46
This was the best class I have ever taken. It was so much fun that I never wanted to leave, even after being there for 8 hours. The staff was very helpful which made the class even more enjoyable. It definitely made me feel more comfortable behind the bar. Thank you!
Alexis P.
2014-01-20, 13:10
Best decision. Started off not knowing one drink, and ended up knowing a whole bunch! When I first signed up, I told Lambert that this was a New Years Resolution to try something completely new and different. I wanna give a huge thanks to Chris and Gladys for helping me out. Classes were always fun, you learn so much. So happy to say, I made it in the 4:30 Club because of them! :) You guys are awesome!
Mercedes C.
2014-01-20, 11:59
Great School With Awesome Instructors!!! Graduated Today With A 90 On My Written Test & 95 On My Mixing Test.... 12 Drinks In 3 Minutes & 58 Seconds Made The 4.30 Club.!!! Weepaaa.!!!!
Rocio T.
2014-01-14, 18:52
I loved coming to class. It was so much fun and I learned so much. Special thanks to Chris for helping me make the 4:30 club :)

Thanks Lambert and Laura for being so understanding
Debbie F.
2014-01-08, 10:30
Lambert and Laura,
I only have good things to say about your school.
Your professionalism stands out in how you run your company and that enables your students, like me, to learn the hows and whys of bartending. The knowledge you extend to us is valuable in our future as bartenders. You and your staff, Deanna and Chris, are very helpful and sincerely want us to succeed. I believe that is what sets your school above the rest. Thank you for your direction in helping me find my new career!
2014-01-07, 16:08
I'm so glad I decided to go with Woodbridge National Bartenders School. I learned so much and had fun doing it. Thank you!!!
2013-12-18, 14:14
Thank u mr lambert I never worked at bar before but u guys jump started my career and I never looked back excellent school and website works
Annmarie Esposito-Palmer
2013-12-13, 12:36
To Lambert and Laura and Deanna.: Thank you for a great bartending experience! I can't imagine attempting a job without the training. The behind the bar training is invaluable! I appreciated the training and advice! You'll be seeing my daughter very soon as well. I'll be starting my career in bartending in January. Thanks for the kudos on my accomplishment...I was very proud too!! .....and if I may correct you...... my fabulous drink time was actually 3.57!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha.....I have the paperwork to prove it too ! Have a beautiful holiday and I will see you soon to brush up on my craft.
Vincent Ricciardi
2013-12-12, 10:39
Dear Laura, Lambert, Chris and Deena,

Thank you so much for making your two week course a wonderful experience for me. The amount of time and effort you give to each of your students is astounding. The passion and dedication your organization offers to its students makes me proud to say I am a graduate of your school. Graduating today is bittersweet because I will miss the camaraderie we shared. THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME TO BECOME A MIXOLOGIST. Best of luck in the future!

Vincent R. (The Old Guy)
Jason R
2013-12-10, 13:13
Great school and great teachers! Got me started on my bartending career and haven't looked back since!
Melissa A.
2013-11-05, 13:10
NBS is a GREAT learning experience! Everything is hands on and a team effort. If I could, I would come back and do it again and again and again. I had a blast! thanks Lambert and Laura!
farah daniela martinez
2013-10-16, 15:51
I graduated a week ago from this school and I loved everything about it.The instuctor in the morning is beyong good,she helps you alot for you to memorize the drinks,be a fast bartender.This was a great experience that i don't regret.
Veronica campos
2013-10-02, 17:54
I took a class and I had an amazing experience and met a wonderful staff including friends..Thank you Lambert for a great experience !!.
Amanda B
2013-08-08, 18:03
I graduated August 2nd from the one-week course and it was beyond fun. The instructors are fun, and willing to work with you one-on-one if you are struggling to learn a drink or two. The amount of time spent hands-on really helps you learn the drinks and the bar. Definitely one of the best choices I've made all summer! This is definitely the bartending school to attend!
Patti miller
2013-08-06, 09:10
Thank you so much... I loved the school plus I made new friends in the process. Lambert and Laura are great. If you are looking for a school to attend don't look any further because you found the school for you.
Nicole Mannino
2013-07-18, 14:02
Thank you so much for all the training and fun I've had at your school... It really paid off. I've just accepted a bartending position at the AMC Theatre in West Orange and I start orientation tomorrow. I will definitely recommend NBS to all my friends who are interested.
Renee Scaletti
2013-07-12, 16:26
National Bartenders School is a very good school along with knowledgeable staff who help you make your experience fun! Thank you NBS for helping me make my experience an enjoyable one!
Paula Salamone
2013-07-12, 14:43
NBS of Woodbridge training is exceptional and was a great experience. Amazing results and I now have 3 jobs (including MetLife Stadium) Choose this school, you will NOT regret it!!
Luca Liuzzi
2013-06-25, 14:41
Great school, very good people, excellent location, easy to reach, to park, cleaned, serious training. It was a good investment, not only for jobs opportunity, it was a very nice life experience. Thank you NBS!
2013-06-17, 09:50
This is a wonderful school. You learn a lot about bartending and definitely make new friends during the 2 weeks of hands-on training. Most important part is the training, and how to deal with customer service as a bartender.
Bryan Felice
2013-06-15, 20:59
I graduated last friday from the two week course. It is a great atmosphere at NBS especially the night class. Rob is the man makes it real fun and you dont even realize your learning. Thanks to him I made it to the "4:30" club
Rick Szablewski
2013-06-13, 15:42
I really enjoyed my time with NBS. I took the one week express course. Lambert was a great instructor. Chris, Dina and Laura were all there to help me be a successful bartender. Nothing but good memories & fun times while learning a new career.
Nicole M
2013-06-13, 11:50
I loved the course and miss the fun I had! Lots of hands-on training and practice. Lambert, Laura, and staff make the experience realistic and enjoyable. =)
2013-05-27, 17:31
I graduated 2 wks ago and I MISS THE CLASSES & robbbbbbb already o him. Lambert & Laura are great! Such a welcoming & great place to learn everything you need to know for a future bartending career! So far have 3 interveiws this week. Thanks Rob, lambert, & laura!
Peter Seidelmann
2013-05-20, 14:54
This is a really great school. The owner Lambert is on site 99% of the time. The instructors, Chris, are top notch as well. They give you plenty of instruction and lots of time to practice. You really cannot go wrong here.
Andy Saporito
2013-04-28, 09:24
When I decided to attend NBS of Woodbridge, Lambert and Laura both said I would succeed if I put forth the effort. After Day #1 I wasn't so sure, but I pushed away all my negative thoughts. I paid attention to every lesson, took notes, practiced my mixing drills and put aside time to study at home. With the help of NBS Instructors Nikki and Chris, I was confident and ready for my tests-- and I joined the "4:30 Club"! If you're serious about becoming a bartender, visit the National Bartenders School of Woodbridge.
Kimberly Paige Cosimano
2013-03-11, 12:07
I just graduated yesterday and I already miss waking up and coming into NBS of Woodbridge. Met great people and learned an endless amount of information to become a fantastic mixologist :) Just want to give a big thank you to Lambert, his wife Laura and the fabulous instructor Nikki!! You guys are great!! Had such a fun, exciting and amazing time at Woodbridge National Bartenders School. I am so happy I chose to go here!
Shannon R.
2013-03-10, 10:27
NBS was an amazing investment. Nikki was an awesome instructor. When I felt overwhelmed, Lambert encouraged me and pushed me to continue. I am so thankful he did. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. I also have Laura to thank for setting me up with a job afterwards. They all went above and beyond to help me, even with job placement weeks after I finished my classes! Thank you all so much!
Caitlin C
2013-01-26, 12:39
I had a great time at the National Bartenders School. Laura and Lambert were extremely helpful and organized. Rob, my instructor, was awesome! He made 4 hours of "learning" so much fun! I now have a greater appreciation for bartenders and all of the work they do! You'll learn a lot and gain a lot of confidence! If you're on the fence about trying this school, definitely give it a try. You won't regret it!
Jake Palmer
2013-01-21, 16:37
Came in there knowing nothing about bar tending, came out in the 4:30 club. The staff is very knowledgeable about the craft and really teach you the ins and outs of bar tending. 10/10 thanks again Lambert and Laura!
Paul Kotarski
2013-01-10, 13:03
National Bartenders School was a great experience and well worth the money. I will always remember the moment when i join the 4:30 club by making 12 drinks in 4 mins and 12 secs. NBS is a great school.
michael bousanti
2012-12-17, 19:12
This school is the real deal..I just graduated on 12/14/2012..I took the 2 week course..When I first got to the school I was a little nervous, but about 15 mins into the class I couldn't stop smiling..Lambert and Laura are two really great people who are also very geniune..They made me feel at ease..Nikki the instructor is awesome and upbeat and always keeps you on ur toes..If you're interested in learning how to become a bartender dont waste another minute looking at other schools..National is the school you want to spend your money on..It will be the best decision you ever made..Thank you again Lambert and Laura..I am so glad to have met you both.
Jessica Jazikoff
2012-07-13, 16:17
Amazing school I enjoyed it so much! I am a member of the 4:30 club with the time of 3:52. I love all the people here and its sad to be leaving! I learned alot from this school! I suggest everyone to join this school. Amazing instructors.
2012-07-13, 13:49
This was an amazing experience. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. It was a lot of fun and you learn a lot. Great preparation for any bartending job you may want.
2012-06-14, 12:34
best experience of my life! ROB is the greatest teacher in the history of great teachers. thank you so much!!!!!
Steph Hau
2012-06-13, 08:16
absolutely loved this school not just for learning how to mix drinks, but more of the history and background information about each different alcohol. Still to this day I always recite information to my friends because I learned a great amount. Brenda was an amazing instructor and was always pushing everyone to succeed. I made the 4:30 club and it was more rewarding taking the course than actually making 12 drinks in less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I suggest everyone go for the school because i found a job one week later.
Kathleen Gottlick
2012-06-09, 19:42
Recently graduated from National Bartender's school. The owners, Lambert and Laura and wonderful! The teacher, Brenda, was fabulous! She is terrific at teaching - very upbeat - very relaxed. You will do very well under her guidance. She makes sure all of her students do well -- very kind and encouraging!!! The school will work with your schedule to assure you complete the course at your convenience. You will definitely have a lot of fun while also mastering the art of bartending!
Gina Nogueira
2012-04-06, 10:22
Loved loved loved school. Mr. Lambert was so nice and I loved the whole ride the horse story. Lolol my instructed Rob was outstanding. I was so nervous and he made it do much easier. If anyone is interested I bartending, I would definetly choose woodbrige national bartending school. Take the night class with Rob. He's amazing!!! I just hope I can remember everything I was taught. Oh that's another plus about this school. Once a graduate, you can go back anytime and practice your mixing. I can't wait to go back. I just had a very good experience there. Made some new friends while learning and laughing!!
Jennifer Fauci
2012-04-03, 10:23
I just graduated this past Friday and I am also a member of the 4:30 club which I was determined to be in from day one. I was definitely afraid before class began since I knew basically nothing about alcohol and mixing drinks but much to my surprise it was so easy to pick up and I had a ton of fun doing it. Rob was my instructor and he was helpful, supportive and beyond funny. ;-) I miss spending my evenings there, will have to pay them a visit soon.
Tye Ali
2011-12-12, 10:30
Man, what a fun experience it was working with the staff at NBS! They work with you so well, and do whatever it takes to make sure that you receive a full learning experience! 6 Months, I've become a Bar Manager, THANKS LAMBERT!
Doug Ashworth
2011-12-12, 10:24
I'm a recent "4:30 Club" Graduate and I had the best experience at National Bartenders School!! The owners Lambert and Laura and the employees are always on site and are ready to help with whatever you need. They have a great coach named Brenda who really keeps things going and fun, she keeps you relaxed and it really helps. Lambert's method of acronyms makes it so easy to memorize the drinks and combines that with "Riding the Horse" and before you know it you're a pro!! This school is second to none and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a "Professional Bartender". Thanks for the education, I'm extremely satisfied!! -Doug "4:30 Club"
Michelle Kerry
2011-12-01, 10:25
omg i miss being in school,i had great expierence and life lasting knowledge,i will never forget when anna asked me where i want to work,i said nightclubs,so she blast the music and started the drill,i couldnt hear anything .she said read lips of your customers,lol.frankly that the way how im working earplugs and reading the lips,anna u the best come by saphire lambert laura thanks for all.holla
Matthew Lucadamo
2011-11-22, 10:27
Thank you guys for an excellent 2 weeks. The class was well structured and informative so you can be where you feel comfortable by taking the coarse at your own speed. Brenda and Rob are great instructors and are very clear. Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Laura, you guys run a great school that correctly portraits bar atmosphere and all the different possible liquors and drinks available. I think I learned a great deal, not only hands on how to mix but the proper way to serve, to the history of alcohol and the laws surrounding liquor and serving.
Gabriel Goncalves
2011-11-11, 10:26
Great school! Had a great time with the two weeks course I took. Friendly and very helpful instructors. Completed the course a few weeks ago and would HIGHLY recommend this school for anyone that is looking to get into bartending. Five stars!
Melissa Bohl
2011-09-04, 10:31
I recently graduated from NBS and highly recommend it. My instructor Rob was awesome. He makes you feel like you've known him forever. By the time you're done with the course you will feel completely confident =)
Gerard Marrone
2011-08-12, 10:33
A Great Experience!! The instructors were phenomenal and were both extremely helpful and knowledgable. Brenda was super encouraging and a huge help. The learning process is hands on rather than heavy on lecture and it makes for an easy and fun experience. I 100% endorse this course and hope that more people attend National Bartending School because its awesome!!
Donald Lamendola
2011-07-20, 10:33
Before I went to National Bartenders School, I was pretty confident in how I poured my beer. Besides that; I didnt know much else. After I took the two week course; well I learned that the way I was pouring beer was wrong after all. Now I know over ninety drinks and their different variations. I have the confidence to stand up there and take drink orders without freaking out. The way they structure the lessons makes it easier to retain all of those recipes. As for the instructors; they were all top notch. Rob was mine and I was lucky to have him. He was great to work with. He has loads of knowledge and experience and hes just an all around good guy. Youll find the owners are extremely helpful and very hands on. From the very first phone call; they were gracious and a pleasure to talk too. I found, through my experience there, that they truly have a passion to create the best bartenders in the business. The only down side to the whole thing was that it had to end. Thanks to everyone at NBS.
Allison Kaplan
2011-07-05, 10:34
I am a recent graduate of the National Bartenders School and I had an amazing time attending classesSchool. I took the week long course, and even though it was tough to learn that much in such a short amount of time, it was so helpful how genuinely caring all of the instructors were. They all (Rob, Ron, Ana, Brenda, Lambert) were willing to go above and beyond to make sure their students were successful. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in learning something new in a comfortable and fun environment!
Maria Baez
2011-06-29, 10:35
I just graduated from NBS, i learned a lot, Rob and Brenda, the instructors are excellent and also Lambert the owner, they worry about u learning everything and give u the confidence u need. Overall it was a great experience, i enjoyed every single class.
Mary Jo Fye
2011-06-28, 10:37
I just gruduated from the school and I had awesome time learning the material, Staff and instructor were fantastic, If it wasn't for Rob, Ron and especially Brenda who help me and gave me confident to excel and push for 4:30 club, so wanted to thank you so much for help!!
Aileen Ramos
2011-06-28, 10:36
I just have to say three words ROB! ROB! ROB! I traveled an hour back and forth everyday just to get to this school and my god he is worth every penny spent on gas. With his charm and great sense of wisdom, Rob turned me into an amazing bartender equiped with confidence and all the knowledge I need to be able to work anywhere. I had so much fun learning all the cool drinks and making the best memories ever! This all reflects however on what an amazing management this school is under, Good job Lambert! I truly gained a lot from my instructor ROB! I gained the title of Hall of Fame, which trust me it wasn't easy achieving, and I also gained a great friend :) I HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone who only wants to be nothing but the very BEST!!!
Noelle Cokefair
2011-06-23, 10:38
I had a blast at this school, and I learned a lot. I think Anna is an excellent teacher. Her and Brenda helped me A LOT. loved them!
Danny Cruz
2011-04-11, 10:38
I attended national bartenders school in woodbridge and I had so much fun. Rob was a great instructor and really made the class enjoyable. I highly recommend any one who is interested in taking bartending classes to go national bartending school, and make sure rob is your instructor.
Bryan Bovaird
2011-03-04, 10:39
I attended the National Bartenders School in Woodbridge, NJ and it was Awesome! The instructor Rob is an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend this school for anyone looking to become a Bartender.
Kenisha Green
2011-01-24, 10:41
Ive always wanted to bartend...I love interacting with others, laughing,seeing new faces.
Tony Cedeno
2010-11-16, 10:42
I recently graduated from the National Bartending School in Woodbridge NJ. I too had such a blast and met some really good people. I recommend this school to anyone, and especially Rob, the evening instructor. He made it so much fun, and easy to learn and memorize the study. Thank you for everything... Tony
Julio Lumbano
2010-11-04, 10:42
The school was great. Instructors made sure the material provided was understood and enough time was provided in order to graduate.
Julio Lumbano
2010-09-27, 10:43
The school was very challenging but, the staff/instructors explained the material easy to understand. Will definitely recommend it.
Veronika Marikovska
2010-09-03, 10:44
Honestly, I had such a fun time ! I didn't even notice how much i was actually learning!! The instructors were amazing and lambert knows how to run his school! I would recommend this school to anybody !!
Nicole Burgos
2010-09-02, 10:45
rob is by far!! the best teacher at this school. his cute and corny little jokes make him the best at teaching you all the drinks and the best methods to do great. ana comes at a close second with her adorable accent and her matching shoes. definitely a great choice to get certified here!
Donna Nichilo
2010-08-27, 10:46
This was the best learning experience i had.I never thought i could do this, but with Lambert, Anna and my new family I was able to learn and had more confidence in myself..I recommend this school to anyone at any age...well over If i can do it,, you can too...Donna Marie Nichilo
Donna Nichilo
2010-08-25, 10:47
I came in with a low self-esteem but with the help from Anna my teacher.I became more at ease and confindent with myself.It was like having another family. She is a great teacher who pushed me to believe I can do it.Even when I wanted to throw in the towels.Anna said No you can do this, and within time I can:)..Thank you Anna..It was ok to make a mistake thats the way you learn..One drink at a time.Thats my m.o...Donna Marie Nichilo
Danielle Papianni
2010-08-21, 10:48
National bartending school of woodbridge was an amazing experience! I love the staff, Rob, Anna and Lambert. I had a blast, I took a one week course and learned everything i would ever need to know to succeed as a bartender. Anna and Rob most definitly made the experience memorable and as well as the lessons. I miss everyone already! Anna and her tips for woman bartending I for sure see them coming in handy. LOL! If I were you, I would choose this school. FOR SURE! LOVEEE Danielleee!
Melissa Mangual
2010-08-13, 10:49
this school was very fun!!! i loved it the instructors actually care and you learn what you need to know... i actually got a job not even a week after i left the school!! i will always remember my time there and all the people i met =)
Stephanie Van Wert
2010-07-23, 10:50
I attended this bartending school towards the end of May 2010. This bartending school had to be one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life so far. I not only learned so much about the bartending industry and how to be a successful bartender, but I had a blast while doing it. The instructors were incredibly dedicated and helpful to make you learn as much as you can. They made sure you were not struggling and if you were, they took the extra time to personally help you with your needs and struggles. I would do it all over again. I enjoyed it so much during the classes that I would come in for extra hours and practice. Another great thing about this school is they really do put the effort in to help you find a job. They never give up on you and try their hardest to find you a local and comfortable bartending job. I told everyone about this school. I highly recommend it. It will be a unforgetable experience for you. Enjoy it. You'll love it!!!
Julia Silva
2010-07-15, 10:50
Great class!! with fun and friendly instructors, willing to challenge you!! definitely worth the time =]
RandiAnne Moccia
2010-07-03, 10:51
**eyyyyyyy!!! I just graduated from the National Bartenders School and the one word that I would choose to describe it would have to be AMAZING! I'm always all over the place, as well as being crazy busy with other jobs so I have a hard time remembering things but the way that the course is taught makes it simple, EXTREMELY fun, and informative all at the same time while going at a quick pace. I learned a lot that I didn't know and most importantly the owners and teachers at the school are a set of the most loving and caring people who genuinely want you to strive to be the best and will help you out at all cost, literally no matter what. My teacher was the awesomeee, Im so grateful for Rob because not only did he make my experience amazing and the learning easy, his outlook on life is one that most should have which made the whole place bright with positivity. =) I miss it already. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! xoxo, si
Raahul Kumar
2010-06-27, 10:52
I completed this course just a few days ago and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn bartending and have a fun time doing it. Lambert, Laura, Rob and Anna are great teachers and helped me every step of the way .. many thanks!!!
Nicole Redona
2010-06-21, 10:53
I completed this course just a few days ago and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn bartending and have a fun time doing it. Lambert, Laura, Rob and Anna are great teachers and helped me every step of the way .. many thanks!!!
Stephen Kattenhorn
2010-06-11, 10:54
I attended the National Bartenders School in Woodbridge in February. Lambert is an excellent teacher and bartender. He makes the classes fun and easy to learn. Many people will say you don't need bartending school, and they couldnt be more wrong. Anyone can pour a drink, but very few can be a good bartender and this school teaches you everything you need to learn and then some.